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Extensions recommended by Your Joomla Tutor

A list of all Joomla extensions which are best in accomplishing what they do are listed below. We recommend each and every one of the below mentioned extensions if it suits your purpose, and assure that you won't go wrong with any extensions listed below.

Essential Joomla extensions

This section lists all the extensions almost every joomla website must have. Right from backups to security, we have listed them all. These extensions get the honour of getting installed in almost every website, right from conception to evaluation.

Joomla Backup extension

Akeeba backup

Akeeba backup has got to be one of the best Joomla website backup extension. With 985+ reviews on the JED, Akeeba backup scores an overall score of 100% in all the categories and provides a very good after sales experience through their prompt and fast support.

Akeeba backup comes in both paid and free versions, with the paid version capable of taking scheduled backups via cronjobs and uploading it to dropbox/Amazon s3 and other cloud storage.

We at YourJoomlaTutor use and highly recommend Akeeba Backup for each and every Joomla website, because its the backup which saves you from the troubles when an extension upgrade goes wrong, or you end up doing code changes which you need to undo to get the site running properly. Akeeba Backup is also used to develop websites on localhost and transfer them to live environments through akeeba kickstart.


JCE Editor

The default editor on joomla is quite basic at getting stuff done, and you should probably consider getting a more advanced one. JCE editor was found to meet all our needs and is one of the best editors around the JED. It also helps you add images in articles, create links to other sections of your websites intuitively and even includes an integrated media manager.

Its completely free and open source, you may download JCE editor through the Web Installer or by downloading it here

Page builder

Quix Pagebuilder

If you are the type who doesn't know to code yet want to build beautiful webpages, Quix pagebuilder is here to your rescue!

Manning a material design themed backend, Quix pagebuilder makes building pages a pleasure. Quix gives you a drag and drop interface to build web pages. Its responsive mode allows you to choose the blocks which will be visible in various devices, and speed optimizations include not loading the invisible blocks according to screen size so that your website loads the fastest. With intuitive content options and out of the box compatibility with every framework, quix pagebuilder will surely make your page building experience a pleasant one. We at YourJoomlaTutor highly recommend Quix, and in case you are wondering, yes, this is the pagebuilder we used to build YourJoomlaTutor.com

Quix pagebuilder comes in a free version as well as pro version. You can have a look at what they have to offer by clicking here.

Security and Utility

Akeeba Admin Tools

Admin Tools, another extension by Akeeba helps you tighten your Joomla website security, remove Joomla! generator tag and adds site maintenance operations, firewall and more! We at YourJoomlaTutor use it to auto-correct directory permissions, make sure that every website resource is loaded from https:// to avoid SSL load issues, redirect links and for automatic IP blocking of repeat offenders.

The basic version of of Admin Tools called the Core is free, whereas a paid version with more features is also available. This is the #3 extension you should install on any fresh Joomla website.

Site performance and cache

JCH Optimize

JCH optimize is a must have plugin if you want your website to load fast without manually configuring various parameters. Its "Automatic Settings" configuration lets you do less trial-and-error and reduces your site speed so that your visitors will love your website. It reduces your website's HTTP-requests, combines and minimizes CSS etc.

It also allows your website to lazy load image ie. Load images as the page is scrolled, optimize and resize images which leads to visitors and search engines loving your super-fast website.

JCH Optimize comes in a free version, while the pro version capable of lazy loading, image optimization etc comes at a small price.

Image Recycle

Image recycle is another fantastic tool for optimizing images and PDFs already uploaded in your website. It not only helps your image-heavy website load faster, but also reduces your website bandwidth. 

To use Image Recycle, you need a subscription at ImageRecycle.com though you may get started today with a free trial.


JSN Uniform

An almost free form extension, JSN Uniform lets you create responsive forms for your website, and even adds the ability to automatically email a certain user/administrator whenever a submission is made. The best part? it has the most intuitive interface we have ever seen, in any form extension.

This perfect drag and drop form extension comes in three flavours: One free and two paid options. The free one is mostly sufficient for all basic needs, but if you want to create more than three forms, then you would consider going for the paid option.

The paid version also allows you to create almost any kind of form, right from Contact Us to Survey to Hotel Reservation forms. It has logic functionality allowing you to show certain fields depending on previous user inputs, create multi-page forms etc.

Joomla Blogs

Have a Joomla based blog? Below extensions will help you build a better blog, or add more functionality to your pre-existing blog. 

All in One


Easyblog has got the be one of the best blogging extensions for your Joomla website. Almost every website needs a blog, and easyblog is the most simplest and intuitive interface that will help you concentrate more on writing content and less on maintaining various components and modules needed to run your blog. It has everything you will ever need in your blog website inbuilt- right from comments to subscription option for your visitors. 

Easyblog also has various themes inbuilt, supporting overrides and custom modifications if you are technically adept at codes. Backed by an excellent support, you won't go wrong by choosing Easyblog for your Joomla blog website.

Comment system


Komento is another extension by Stackideas which allows you to integrate comments into your Joomla website. If your blog is built on Joomla articles or Content Construction Kit like K2, Komento allows you to add commenting features into pages, allowing your website visitors to engage with your blog post. 

Right from allowing your visitors to like other comments, to avatar integration with Gravatar, Easyblog, Jomsocial etc, komento is one commenting extension you should consider adding to your Joomla blog.

It comes in both free and paid versions, with the free version limited to Joomla articles, Easyblog and Cobalt 8 integration. The paid version allows your site to show comments under K2, JEvents, RedShop etc and gives you access to their excellent support system.

Disqus Comments for Joomla

Disqus Comments (for Joomla) integrates the popular Disqus comments system & service into any Joomla! based website. In short, the most important features of the service are realtime comments, inline media embedding, mobile commenting, social integration with Twitter, Facebook & other services and great moderation & anti-spam tools.

This extension is completely free, you may download it from here.

Forum website

Below mentioned extensions help you to build a robust forum website, allowing your visitors to create posts and other users to comment and interact on the topic. Private forums can also be used for providing service related support to your customers.

Forum extensions


Yet another extension by Stackideas, Easydiscuss helps you build responsive and slick forum right out of the box. Sparking conversations of a certain topic or have an online discussion about a particular subject is now possible with EasyDiscuss.

Best of all, these discussions are valuable source of content that search engines love. It has ACL support allowing you to control what users can do on your forum.

Easydiscuss only comes in a paid version, but is completely worth the price. Our forum is built on Easydiscuss


Kunena is the leading Joomla forum component. Downloaded more than 7M times in 8 years, Kunena is the only forum/discussion solution for Joomla that is community driven - true open source - public self-help forums, GitHub and documentation Wiki.

Scoring a 98% rating at JED, Kunena is probably the only extension you need to think of to make a free forum website. You may download it from here

Membership website

Many people use Joomla! CMS to build beautiful websites, with some parts of website available only to registered and subscribed members. This list will help you choose extensions for your Membership Joomla website

ACL Manager

Though this is not a membership extension, we thought of featuring this here because ACL Manager helps you understand ACL structure of Joomla! CMS. It gives you a clickable permission grid to manage user permissions of your website. 

Additionally, it can also help you with fixing issues with assets table and add basic ACL support to any component. For any Joomla website with ACL at its core, we recommend this extension to help you to manage your website permissions.


Payplans allow you to create exceptional membership system for selling your services online & provides automatic subscription and effortless billing management. With a 100% score on JED, we recommend this extension to build your Joomla membership website.

Did we miss anything?

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