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Quix Page Builder for Joomla Review 2017 - With Pros & Cons

Quix Page Builder for Joomla Review 2017 - With Pros & Cons

Joomla is a great CMS. But its editor? (Assuming you don't have Quix or other Page Builders installed)

When was the last time you really loved the Joomla editor? I know I don't. JCE to the rescue, however is it capable of making fancy slideshows and accordions? How can I make a pricing table without using non responsive <table></table> s?

Shortcodes ain't good either. A shortcode for column, another shortcode within the column shortcode for the actual content, this could really drive me crazy!

Quix page builder to your rescue!

Being not able to code has its disadvantages. You probably can't make pricing tables and those fancy accordions your competitor sites have. However with Quix, you no longer need to worry about this.

Built by awesome developers at Themexpert, Quix gives you a superpower to set a layout, add content in it, customize colors and publish!

Drag and drop? Check.
Easy to use? Check.
Mobile friendly? Check.
Is it something you should use? Double check! 

Why? (I know I need Quix, skip features and take me to the steps to install and use it )

1 Responsive-First pagebuilder

Unlike traditional pagebuilders which use visibility CSS property (non techie? CSS visibility property can be set as hidden so that your website visitor cannot see the div you have hidden for say small screens. However the content still loads consuming your server and visitor bandwidth, and makes your pages load slow ) to hide parts of page that shouldn't be visible for certain screen sizes. Quix doesn't load unnecessary elements at all! Combine that to the advanced caching mechanism and your site is bound to load faster than your competitor's.

2 Drag and Drop layout building

Add a row, add a column, and add elements inside the column. Just choose an element, enter the contents you want to see in the front-end and hit save and preview! Done, page building made this simple.

Believe me, even my granny could make beautiful looking pages with Quix

3 Template independent, behaves well with all frameworks

Frequently change templates? No problem, Quix behaves well and has been tested by Themexpert to work with every template in the market. And no longer you need to worry losing template-dependent elements when you switch to a better template.

4 Works as component as well as module, and also in other components

Though being a pagebuilder, its capable of being assigned to a module position and even within other components like Easyblog. Yes, All our blog posts are built with Quix inside of Easyblog.

Ready to get started with Quix pagebuilder?

Step 1 Installing Quix is simple

Click here to make a new Themexpert account and download quix package, and upload it to installer like any other normal extension.

Install Quix

If you see this screen, Quix has been installed successfully

Step 2 Let's get started building!

Go to Quix > Pages and hit "New" button to start building a new page the drag and drop way

New drag and drop page

Add title and hit save to begin building a webpage

Insert quix page title

Hit add column, and choose the column layout you wish to make

Add column

Step 3 Add in elements

What do you want to show in the frontend? Pricing tables? Text? Images? Accordions? Quix calls these elements, just hit add element and choose the element you wish to display. For the purpose of this demo, we will be choosing "Tabs" to get Tabbed sections in the frontend

Once you select an element, all you need to do is fill in details of what needs to be visible in the front-end, and hit save

Drag and Drop Tabs element

Once you have done adding elements, hit save (or Ctrl/Command+S) and preview button (or Ctrl/Command+P) to see the frontend preview

Tabs image frontend

...and below is a preview of what we just made!

Tab 1 content / Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet timeam deleniti mnesarchum ex sed alii hinc dolores ad cum. Urbanitas similique ex nam paulo temporibus ea vis id odio adhuc nostrum eos.

Tab 2 / Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet timeam deleniti mnesarchum ex sed alii hinc dolores ad cum. Urbanitas similique ex nam paulo temporibus ea vis id odio adhuc nostrum eos.

That's it! Wasn't this easy?

Quix pagebuilder comes in a free version with 13 elements, and the pro paid version adding up few elements and unlocking a few more functionalities. Both the versions come with caching mechanism to make sure that your pages load fast!

Earlier, designing pages would take hours of coding, but with extensions like quix, it will hardly take a few minutes for you to make good looking and consistent pages for your Joomla website.

We highly recommend (and use) Quix to build our websites, do you?

Check out Quix

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